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At Entergy, we are keeping up with the latest technologies and market trends. Through our Power Drive initiative, we provide helpful resources and information on electric vehicle choices, economic considerations, and the many benefits of light duty electric transportation.


Power Drive by Entergy®

Since the 1970s there have been numerous government and auto industry efforts to boost gasoline mileage and find alternative fuel vehicles to reduce the dependence on foreign oil, as well as reduce air pollution from vehicle exhaust. In recent years, there have been significant advances in vehicles powered fully or in part by electricity. These vehicles come in different sizes and prices with varying levels of emissions, fuel efficiency and performance capabilities.

Through our new Power Drive initiative, Entergy is studying technological advancements, monitoring market trends, and collaborating with industry experts to ensure we're prepared to safely and reliably meet our customers' needs, as electric vehicles continue to account for a growing percentage of the nation's transportation portfolio.

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With a variety of sizes, styles, price points and powertrains, there’s an electric vehicle for everyone. Find the right one for you!

Choosing the right car

A federal tax credit of $2,500-$7,500 is available for electric vehicle purchases. Find additional incentives in your area:


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